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Gallery of Positive Art

Project “Gallery of Positive Art” was established in 2010. The founder and patron of the project has been ICanDo Sponsor Club. Philosophy behind the project is based on the main postulate of ICanDo concerning positive thinking.

Positivism is an integral and crucial constituent of human life. It is the positive emotions that create and shape a positive outlook and help a person to maintain favorable mood and attitude towards life.

Among items of Positive Art are artistic pieces of painting, graphic, sculpture, rugs, jewelry, designer innovations and other aspects of art that evoke positive emotions in the viewer.

Artistic pieces are necessarily reviewed and evaluated with regards to their Positive content prior exhibition. In order to be certified, the exhibited artistic items must meet the standards of positivism and fulfill the criteria imposed by the Certification department of the Council of Independent Experts within the ICanDo System of Activation.

The certificate of compliance with quality standards is a crucial component of each artistic item on sale within the framework of this project. Those artistic items that failed to meet quality standards and were not certified cannot be exhibited under the aegis of the Gallery of Positive Art.

14.09.2010 - NIGEL HENRI Gaelle I, Acrylic on foil, 90x135, 2010

14.09.2010 - NIGEL HENRI Gaelle II, Acrylic on foil,100x70, 2010

14.09.2010 - NIGEL HENRI Magritte, Acrylic on foil,115x90, 2010