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Payment information

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WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE BRAIN DURING ACTIVATION? During the Moment of Activation the active part of the brain is increasing and abalities are improving. As a result you can apprehend and analyse information many times better and more effectively. You can do it easily, quickly without getting tired.

HOW DOES THE ACTIVATION INFLUENCE BRAIN? The Activation of brain includes broadening of main brain activity parameters in a process of analysing and apprehention of information. Volume, Speed, Stream power, Complicity, Analysis, Adsoption, Archivation. Just after the first Moment of Activation you will stop finding pros and cons. Having feeled the state of activated brain you will discover a new life with the ICANDO SYSTEM OF ACTIVATION.

HOW DOES BRAIN REACT TO FREQUENT ACTIVATIONS? ISN’T IT HARMFUL? Activation of the brain is not only a method of reaching high work productivity, but also of training the brain. It is like sport. An accurate hit can be done after long hours of training. The brain which is being activated regularly, improves the level of its “normal” abilities. Any harm is excluded as brain is activated in the frames of its capacities. Thus, self-regulation of the process of Activation in accordance with your capacities is taking place at the Moment of Activation.

Why in each sector of realization is written “refusal from dope”? What kind of dope do we mean? While the brain is the process of Activation it is reacting and lowers needs of any organism to use dope. By dope we mean coffee, cigaretts, alchohol, any exciting drinks, products and tablets. And certainly drugs. THE ICANDO SYSTEM OF ACTIVATION has a positive experience of refusal from dope. Dope is very widely spread in a modern world and its negative influence is well-known.

HOW LONG HAS THE ICANDO SYSTEM OF ACTIVATION WORKED? THE ICANDO SYSTEM OF ACTIVATION has existed for 12 years. The Internet project has been elaborated during 5 years and today its first step woks in four languages.

WHO AND WHERE FOUNDED THE ICANDO SYSTEM OF ACTIVATION? The System is founded by specialists in the field of Actiation of Organism Energy in England. The ICANDO group of specilists is international and combines proffecionals from different fields. Every of them is the ICANDO consultant. Some of the ICANDO consultants work with the ICANDO in the Internet project. Their names can be found in the item “Consultants”.

WHO ARE THE ICANDO USERS? The ICANDO users belong to advanced part of a mankind. As a rule they are superiors of different levels, businessmen, sportsmen, brockers, studrnts, scientists, actors and representatives of show-business. Among them there are many young people, housewives and others. Most of them are people who have reached definite level of undersanding of processes and laws of functioning and development of human organism and the law of Being in particular. Though reaching of any level is not the condition for Activation – ICANDO module activates brain completely.

WHAT IS THE BASIS FOR ACTIVATION? The basis for the method are labotations and knowledge got from space reseaches and experimental medicine. Most of this knowledge refers to achievements of ancient times and early civilizations. The experemental work startted at the beginning of XX century and are still going on. You can get detail information in the item “Science Opinion”. The ICANDO PROJECT is developing very dynamic and firmly.

I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY REGISTRATION PASSWORD. WHAT SHOULD I DO? The registration password consists of two parts: the ICANDO name and your E-mail. Having forgotten one of the parts of the password send a letter to admin@icandosystem.com and give them information you remember and necessary information will be sent to you.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR ICANDO CONSULTANT? It will be enough if you send a letter with this question to admin@icandosystem.com and they will supply you with necessary information.

WHAT TO DO IF I HAVE FORGOTTEN TO NOTIFY THE PAYMENT ICANDO NUMBER? PThe money transfer without payment number will be blocked on the ICANDO SYSTEM OF ACTIVATION account until it is identified. The identification of payment can be sent to admin@icandosystem.com. Please notify the amount and and the method of money transfer, the date, your ICANDO name and the payment ICANDO number. As soon as the payment is identified ICANDO codes are generated and they will be sent to you to your contact e-mail. In case the payment is not identified during 30 days it will be sent back.

I HAVE NOT RECEIVED E-MAILS FROM THE SYSTEM. Inform the System immediately admin@icandosystem.com and the leters will be sent again.

HOW TO CONTACT MY ICANDO CONSULTANT? The ICANDO user chooses his consultant at the moment of registration. The contact with your ICANDO consultant is possible by e-mail or personally.

Payment information

ICANDO SYSTEM OF ACTIVATION Ltd contact with its users with the help of the electronic mail.

All the questions concerning information should be sent to info@icandosystem.com.

The questions concerning Activation should be sent to your ICANDO CONSULTANT.