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BANK-TO-BANK transfer

BANK–TO-BANK method means that you will be asked to fill in the banking form which is already supplied with the ICANDO SYSTEM banking data and contains the amount, the payment number and other information .You will receive the e-mail letter with the attachment with a payment order which has been already filled in – the only thing you will have to do is to add your bank and juridical data.

Whatever method of payment you have chosen requires a confirmation of payment. For that you will be offered the ICANDO SYSTEM ACTIVATION special form which you should fill in. The confirmation of payment will be received at your e-mail as soon as the money has entered the account of the ICANDO SYSTEM bank.

It is important to remember that you need to notify the ICANDO payment order number no matter which method of payment you have chosen. The payment order without the number is not identified and in this case the ICANDO code is not guaranteed. Payment orders without numbers are blocked on the bank account of the ICANDO SYSTEM until the moment of identification. Identification can be mail. Payment which has not been identified in 30 days will be sent back to the Sender.

The methods of payment have been worked out by international banking operations specialists especially for the ICANDO SYSTEM to provide the utmost convenience, speed and legibility of executing payments of any kind.